Let’s Face It, MICROSOFT WORD IS BLOODY AWFUL! (But How Much Time, Energy, and Money Is That Costing You?)

For The First Time Ever, How To Avoid 98% of Microsoft Word Mistakes AND Pass Microsoft’s Word 2016 Exam In Under 8-hours

Word’s Secrets Are Hidden Right In Front of You, But You Just Don’t Know It Yet.

Few get decent results with Microsoft Word.

Some say it’s the worst program on the planet.

Others say it’s unpredictable and random.

I mean, we’ve all struggled with it at one point. Some, like Roza (above), with images…

…others, like Jan, with page numbers:

Louis Menand wrote this (that was back in 2003, mind):

But this one's more recent (March 2018):

I've seen a lot of those.

And I do admit that it often does feel like,

Word’s Thrown a Random Trash-fest with your Document!

The problem is, if you didn't have to use Word you'd go any use something else, right?

But if it's at work or you’re a freelancer...

Then what?

Let’s face it, no-one wants to

  • be thought of as incompetent
  • look unprofessional
  •  waste your own time and having to stay late because the work needs to be finished
  • miss deadlines (see above)
  • cost the business money (not least if it’s your own business)
  • lose out on your bonus!
  •  fail to secure promotion – let’s not even go there
  • let your otherwise exacting standards go to rat!

It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Even worse is when it’s no fault of your own!

The good news is, that ends right now.

Because, I’ll tell you,

Microsoft Word Is A Dream To Use!

Okay, when you’ve picked yourself up off the floor and stopped laughing, allow me to prove it to you.

First off, let me introduce myself.

My name’s Russ Crowley, and I’ve been using Word since 1994.

In 1997 I started using it for paid work (in a job, no less).

Since then, I’ve designed hundreds of Word templates for businesses.


I Teach People to Use Microsoft Word

A certified Microsoft Word 2016 expert, ‘they’ allow me to display this pretty badge:

I’ll show you more about my skills and experiences in a moment.

But first, how I came from a rig worker to a Word expert is by accident (literally).

It was 20th September 1994.

It was my 4th year of working on the gas drilling rigs (I was in the British Army for 7-years before that).

On that fated Tuesday, I fell through a hole in the deck of the rig.

Fortunately, there was a steel deck below to catch me...

Unfortunately, it was 10’ away and I was plummeting headfirst towards it.

(It’s no exaggeration when I say it turned my life upside down. It was messy!)

To Say I Was In A Bad Way Is An Understatement! What Followed Was Chaos

With a worn out and injured spine, my rig days were over. (My surgeon told me I had a spine of a man in his mid-40s. I was 29. The army and the rigs saw to that.)

I had limited career choices and was clueless. I’d also just bought my first PC.

So, I taught myself to use Word. Rather, I tried to.

1994 was, of course, pre-Internet days, and the local library had zero Microsoft Word books.

My Only Resort Was Word’s Built-in Help!

It was me and Microsoft Word’s ‘help’. It was both slow and painful.

In 1997, I got a job as a Technical Writer. This was using Microsoft Word creating manuals for the oil and gas industry.

All looked rosy. For a time. But, there was 1 BIG problem

I Sucked. Big Time

So much so that, not long after I'd started, I was close to being fired.

After being out of work for 3 years and with no Plan B, distraught and frightened don’t even come close! Then

A Chance Visit Turned My Life Around

The Word-guy, Jeff, from Head Office visited us… he designed the templates we used.

I begged him to help me. He did.

I’ve got to say, I learned more in 2 hours than the last 3 years combined.

Word Was Simple. Bordering on Magical!

Talk about lightbulb moment! For me, the next 2 years were pure trial and error. By then, I was THE Word expert in the office.

I went freelance in 1999.

I’ve Never Looked Back

For the next 5 years, every business I contracted at adopted my work: my documents, templates, recommendations, and even business processes.

Every single one.

I don't say this to brag. I do it because it's been my journey.

  • It's no spur-of-the-moment fancy
  • It hasn't been 'whipped up' over a weekend
  • It didn’t come from a freebie Kindle book
  • Neither did it come from making notes about someone else's video course and re-recording to pass it off as my own…

It’s Been Hands-on For Over 2 Decades

In 2011, I went freelance on oDesk (they’re called Upwork now).

My first online contract was for $16.67 per hour. A massive drop from what I earned in the UK.

It took a while, but I got there.

For now, though, let me ask you a question:

Have You Done Anything To Try To Improve Your Word Skills?

I mean, there are thousands of (proposed) ‘solutions’ out there:

  • A Microsoft Word ‘How to’ book
  • A video training course
  • What about the expensive route, a highly paid consultant coming into your office to teach you all how you use Word?

You might’ve said yes to one or more of those, but whatever you answered doesn’t matter.


Nothing’s Worked So Far Has It?

  • You still struggle to use Microsoft Word
  • You wonder if you’ll ever get any better
  • And who knows what impact this nightmare software has and is costing you!

The problem is, your work, your advancement at work, and maybe even your life as a freelancer is suffering.

No matter how you butter it up,

Word Is Costing You In More Ways Than One

  • Your time is money whether you like it or not. When you’re forced to stay on extra hours to finish that project, that’s your time it’s eating into.
  • That book you’re writing in your spare time – that one you’ve dreamed of publishing – won’t bring in any royalties till it’s done.
  • That fixed price report project you produced for that client on Upwork isn’t complete and you’re way over on time. Every minute you work on it means your hourly rate decreases

Worse though,

What About Your Reputation?

Losing time and money’s bad enough, but your rep?

That’s a hard one to suffer. (And even harder to recover from.)

But What If It Wasn’t Like That?

Let’s imagine, for a second, that we’re in a parallel universe where all things Word-related worked as they should:

  • Word would be reliable, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it going all ‘random’ on you
  •  It’d be quicker and easy to work with, which means you’d be more productive (create more books, more efficient at work…)
  • Your work would survive Word’s random trashing, which means no more wasted hours (and tears) wondering what went wrong. (And with no clue about how to fix it.)
  •  You’d be far faster and produce better and more work – think more royalties on your books or promotion at work
  • Word would even become a joy to work with – after all, who likes to use crappy tools that don't work?
  • You could take on more and earn more – and enjoy the things you really want to: a new car, vacation; or
  • You finish your work earlier – and get far more real family-time.

How sweet would life be then?

If you’re thinking “This guy’s crazy, there's not a hope in hell. Word is a terrible program.”, then I've already shown that some would agree with you.

But they’re wrong.

They're all wrong.

Microsoft Word IS A Joy To Work With

You might be skeptical about that. I get that.

But, as I’ll show you in a moment, they aren’t my words.

So why do so many struggle?

After all, if everyone struggles with Word, the Law of Probability means not everyone can be at fault…

The blame HAS to lie with the program, right?

Stands to reason.

Well, yes…

…and no.

The real reason why Word is a nightmare for most is – and I’m sorry to say this – but

You’ve Been Misled!

All the instruction and advice you’ve heard or received up to now IS WRONG.

That time and money you’ve lost, those bonuses, those promotions, the frustrations and tears all withered away... is because you’ve been misinformed.

Don’t get me wrong, I doubt it was deliberate

(It doesn't make it any easier though.)

But whatever label you want to put on it, it’s stopped you from getting where you want to be.

And there’s a reason for that…

The Training Focused On The Wrong Topics

There are 2 elements in Word – two (2) – that you absolutely MUST master.

Get them right and the rest is EASY (I WILL tell you what these are later).

Master them and you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved.

Here’s what one client of mine wrote…

(WARNING: The Next Line Is NO Joke!)

“I must admit, it is a joy to work on a docx file that has been set up properly. I know it does sound funny when somebody says it is a joy to work with WORD."

Jan Kampman, Mulder Kampman Design

I told you they weren’t my words!

Hannah from Impact International wrote:

“Thank you so much for all your amazing work, you have made a lot people’s lives a lot easier!”

Steve Pinckney of Conceptia said:

“As a result of working with him, I have a new way of working with Word. I also now have an asset - a properly structured, beautiful, REUSABLE Word template - in addition to my initial request.”

(I didn’t highlight it, but you may have noticed Steve's comment “Working with Russ answers once and for all, “what’s the difference between working with a professional/specialist vs an amateur/generalist?”) 

Naor Chazan of SmartLinx said:

“Absolutely flawless execution of MS-WORD invoice template.”

Henry Adams of Common Capital said:

"We have learned so much we didn't know we didn't know through working with him. "

Paula Drayton of Resource Advisory  said:

"We engaged Russ to turn a graphically designed Report Template into a functional and flawless Microsoft Word Report Template. "

Author David Arndt said:

"Russ Crowley is a true professional. I had to have a complex manuscript formatted in Microsoft Word for an academic press, and Russ delivered a perfect final product right on schedule. "
Holy cow! ...You sooooo get it!”

Kind words from Nina Hershberger of Megabucks Marketing.

Let’s get back to us – me and you

Don’t misunderstand me, I understand and appreciate where you’re at.

100%, I do.

But let me say this, with hand-on-heart…

I Can and WILL Transform What You Think and Know About Microsoft Word

Let’s be clear, we both know I can’t change what’s gone on before.

But let's leave whatever issues, problems, or nightmares you’ve had behind you, and

Try and Forget Everything You Know (or you think you know) About Word

Because I will prove to you that:

  • Word is not random
  • Word is not unpredictable
  • Word does not mess with you or your documents whenever ‘it feels like it’

If it did or was, then the snippets of testimonials I’ve shown you would be impossible, wouldn’t they?

Or I could’ve faked them…

But you already know they’re all

100% genuine and verifiable…

And that’s why I’m better placed than most to tell that what you’ve been taught is wrong.

I'm sorry for all that time you’ve wasted… I am.

But I can’t do anything about that. There's a lot of bum information out there.

For example, ‘Dave’ claimed that any more than 50-pages in Word will cause it to crash.

I disagree and told him:

I don’t doubt that this is Dave’s experience of Microsoft Word, but what he’s saying is plain wrong.

I hear it all too often. So much so that Word-bashing might become an Olympic sport!

For me, though,

I’m Fed Up Seeing People Struggle With Word

Enough IS enough.

I want to see you succeed. And together, I’m confident we can do it.

In fact, I’m that confident I state my entire current 24-years of using ‘Word as a professional’ reputation on it.

But it wasn’t always like that. I’ve explained how I came to get to this point. I was exactly where you are now.

The thing is,

Do You Want to Know What’s Changed with Word in 24-years?

Where Microsoft Word and creating documents is concerned... nothing.

I created the templates in the image below for a client in 2001 (17-years ago). I still do the same thing now. I just get paid more.

Word is still the same.

With clients…

They still want the same thing.

Sure, there's new functionality. Smart Art, images, and the newer Internet-related 'stuff'.

But the fundamentals of Word and creating documents hasn’t changed since I started using it.

But most don’t want the whizzy stuff 


Because They Struggle With Word In The Same Way You Do

And they’re looking for people who can:

  • solve their pain
  • save them money
  • make their lives easier

That person could be you.

The question of why can’t they find these ‘experts’ then comes back to what I’ve been saying…


Regurgitate, vomit, regurgitate, vomit…

And that is the problem.

Yes, clients do want more for their documents. (After all, Word has so much more functionality.)

Deep-down, what they want is easy to use, workable, professional documents.

Given that 

Word’s Core Is the Same Now As It Was Back Then

 (The 2 ‘Critical Components’ Haven’t Changed In Decades!)

It’s why I am positioned to help you.

Why my training is perfect for you.

Let’s be clear, regardless of where you are now and what actual your aim is with using Microsoft Word, you can get good fast.

I mean that.

So, whatever it is you do, where your current Word skills are concerned…

If You Could Get To A Professional Level Fast With Word Would You?

Whether Whatever you use Word for, as part of your job or as a freelancer, if you use Word on a regular basis… in an office…

You must be able to create consistent, repeatable, quality results.

FYI, the average hourly rate of a Microsoft Word user is $15.04 an hour (Payscale.com, March 2018).

With decent Word skills, you could command double that, quite easily.

What would $30, $40+ per hour mean for you?

  •  Side-hustle of an evening to top up your vacation fund
  • Put it towards a new car
  • Buy your loved one a special gift
  • Send the kids on that school trip they so want to go on
  • Pamper yourself
  • Jack your job in

Trust me, with the right training,

Consistent, Quality Results Aren’t Difficult


  • easy
  • repeatable
  • impressive.

Whatever your aim.

The next question, I guess, is do I know what to teach? 

Here’s what some of my clients have said:

In answer to “Do I know how to teach,” the answer is yes.

Word Delivers and It Isn't Difficult!

I’ve delivered consistent, professional, and quality results for clients for the last 20+ years.

So it’s clear I know my subject, right?

It’s also plain to see that the standard of Word knowledge out there is poor.

The reason is 

The 2 Critical Word Components Aren't Taught in Enough Detail

Sure, they all ‘touch’ on them

But that’s NOT enough.

This means that, to all intents and purposes, they’re useless, i.e., not fit for purpose.

Garbage in = garbage out

Don’t get me wrong, the courses are well put together. Damn professional some of them.

But, if they're not teaching you how to use Word, it’s a massive time waste, isn’t it?

They're stringing you along.

But that's not me.

My Expertise IS Practical Microsoft Word – Not Theory

And I deliver.

The previous snippets showed you that.

I’ve shown you my credentials. I’ve shown you how others have viewed my work. I’ve explained what the problems are. Now, here’s what others have to say about my training:

Exceptional training. This 5 star course is a must for every Word user, beginner to advanced.

I have been a Word user since 1998...

Other courses only left me more confused and frustrated. Nothing made any sense.

Yet, Russ Crowley simplifies each step and makes it all so easy to understand - and apply.

Now I finally "get it".

I produce documents with complete confidence. What a difference!

Anyone can become a Word expert after doing this course. Russ takes away the overwhelm.

What I like best in this course is the amount of content and information provided. With over 100 videos it is phenomenal.

I love the course navigation, too. It's a breeze and makes it enjoyable to learn. 

Best of all, it spares the regret and misery of the common and dreaded scourge - document failure.

Peter Hons


Even us power users curse Word sometimes, especially when for some unknown reason, one of our styles displays a black box instead of the number that it should show, corrupting the Table of Contents in the process. Or we fix a paragraph multiple times and it keeps insisting on changing back. Or we inherit a one-hundred page document that needs totally reformatting, one paragraph at a time. Enter Mr. Crowley’s course, Microsoft Word 2016 for Beginners

The one thing I liked best about the course was Mr. Crowley’s teaching style, clear, concise and reasonably paced. The material is thoughtfully laid out, one lesson flowing smoothly into the next. 

Don’t let the course name fool you. After covering the basics, this course shows you how to do virtually anything that you might need.You’ll definitely be scratching your head, thinking, “wow, I didn’t know Word could do that.”

I would recommend this course to users of all skill levels.

 Rick Robertson Van Horn

Sr. Systems Analyst & Sr. Programmer, & Word Power User

I have used Word for 23 years, and thought I was doing pretty good with the basic word-processing that I do. However, after working through the training modules that you have put together, it has made me realize that I really did not even know the basics.

It was not uncommon for me to lose 4-6 hours a week trying to work through some of the issues I was facing. 

Russ, you're an excellent teacher and your demonstrations are easy to follow. Also, I like how you get to the point and explain the concepts in terms that a layman can understand. I am not tech savvy, therefore, if I can learn from this training course then anyone can!  

Richard Haggett

23-years Word Power User

"I've known Russ, I think, for a decade. And I've always known him for extolling the virtues of Word.

With 20 modules and at least 100 lessons, Russ' training is THE 'go to' training for Word. Something you can refer to over and over again.

When I run across this level of expertise and quality, it's an easy buy.

If you use Word on a regular basis, you simply need this course. It's just that good."

Judy Kettenhoffen

Russ Crowley's "Microsoft Word 2016 for Beginners Video Training Course" is an excellent, professional-looking package.

While this course is named (and designed for "Beginners"), intermediate-level and even expert Word users will find this product valuable. 

All in all, this is an excellent and valuable program of instruction. I will go back to it again and will use many of the concepts included here when put in the position to advise others on solving Word problems (it happens.)

Five out of Five Stars, if you're counting. Russ Crowley has a pleasant and patient voice and knows his (Word and Style) stuff. 

Simon Majewski

So, as you can see, it delivers.

I give you 

The Microsoft 2016 Beginners Video Training Course

It’s called the Microsoft Word 2016 Beginners Video Training Course, but it does delve into intermediate level material. (Some of my reviewers say advanced Word users will benefit as well.)

All told, there’s a little under 7.5 hours of content. It's comprised of 108 videos with the longest, page setup, being 08:48.

It’s got everything you need to go pro with Word.

Let me show you what’s in the members area:

Inside the Members' Area:

This course covers the absolute essentials of what you need to know about Microsoft Word.

Including styles and sections – THE absolute 2 critical components that you must master.

They’re that important, there’s almost 1 hour devoted to each topic.

(In fact, 1 hour, 6 minutes and 39 seconds to THE most important topic in Word. And 50 minutes and 41 seconds to the second-most.)

These 2 alone will elevate your Microsoft Word to well above 90%+ of the Word users out there.


Because other courses don’t teach these in enough detail. This is crazy as they're critical to success with Word.

Given their importance, it’s easy to see why so many fail – and continue to fail – with Word.

Styles and Sections are Responsible for 98%+ of Failures with Word

But I cover them in so much detail that these 2 alone will raise your game. In a heartbeat!

You watch me going through them step by step.

And you’ll kick yourself when you see how easy they are (and Word is).

Believe me, master these 2 elements and you’ll never struggle with Word again.

These 2 Alone Will Transform You From Amateur To Pro

So much so that you could shoot off and learn these 2 elements and you’ll be better than, I’d say, 50%+ of Word users out there today.

Or, you could stick with me and get in the top 1 or 2%.

It’s your call.

The Training…

In the training, you will create 2 documents/templates.

The Letter

As with all the tuition, we walk through this step-by step. It's so detailed that you cannot fail.

Look how beautiful that layout is.

Creating this introduces you to the key core functionality in Word.

Exercise 2, is

The Report

Next we will create a 12-page report to a client’s brief.

If you do work for clients, this is something you’ll do a lot of. It’s what’s termed a ‘bread-and-butter’ task: it puts the food on the table, so to speak.

This is key because it gets you thinking about:

  1. How you should design a Word document
  2. What you need to do
  3. And the order in which you should do it.

It goes something like this

  1. Here’s the document
  2. Here's what we want (the guidelines/brand document)
  3. When can you get it to me by?

This is the before report:

This is the after:

This kind of task applies to any report, book, white paper, use case, etc. Anything where there are specific client guidelines and requirements.

As part of this, you’ll learn about:

  • add the exact colour and font schemes your client needs
  • add text without messing up your document
  • Convert text to tables (and back again)
  • Format tables
  • do certain tasks in the correct order so everything is correct
  • and so much more.

We'll cover everything you need to do to deliver a professional document.

I show how easy this is.

Again, you watch exactly what I do every step of the way and you mirror it.

A Mastery Experience

Albert Bandura, the psychologist, termed watching and repeating an activity to success a ‘Mastery Experience’.

Nothing is more powerful than having a direct experience of mastery to build self-efficacy.” (Akhtar, 2008)

But this course is not for everyone

What it's NOT/Who it's For 

I hinted at this before, but this course is for those who are serious about learning how to use Word 2016. (Note: this training is applicable with other Word versions also. Please refer to the FAQ.)

You have to understand that it takes work to get results. It takes work to realize your dreams.

Sure, you can buy this course and let it sit on your computer untouched.  But what’s the point of that? If that’s all you plan to do, then save your money.

Or you can do something about it.

When I set out to create this course, it was about 2/3rds of the size it is now. But it’s grown some.

Why Is This Course So Big If Word’s That Easy?

Because I wanted to give you something better. Something tangible.

I want to put you in the position where you can get instant recognition of your ability.

Some will argue that a qualification doesn’t make a blind bit of difference.

I disagree.

A Word user since 1994, I took my first (and only) Word qualification in November 2016.

Since then, my rates have doubled.

I had the experience before. Now I have both experience and qualification.

Has it helped?


So, to help you get on the Word-ladder, I added extra videos to cover all the requirements of the Microsoft’s 77-725 exam.

This exam is Word 2016: Core Document Creation, Collaboration and Communication.

(Note: you don’t get this qualification with my course. My course covers the material necessary to get you to the level to pass the course.)

The Microsoft Word 2016 Qualification Will Give You Instant Credibility

Clients like qualifications. 

  • It’s a solid benchmark.
  • It catches the eye.
  • It’s instant proof.

That proof alone would get you $20-30 an hour on Upwork. 

And that's as a newbie.

Once you get some experience though…

$30 an hour, $40…, and beyond.

What Will Being Able To Produce Professional, Quality Work At a Faster Rate Do For You?

When everyone recognises you as the ‘Word Wizard' what will that do for your career? 

What about your standing and reputation among your peers?

  • You will be more productive
  • You will be more efficient
  • Your work quality will improve
  • You will be noticed
  • And you will be admired

There is no other Word training like this available.

You Also Get These Superb Bonuses

To sweeten the deal, I’m also offering these fantastic bonuses:

  • Rock Star Recordings Package – this is a series of recordings by experts as they talk about their particular niches and expertise. (Value $97):
  • E. Brian Rose – a blueprint for attaining expert status in your market
  • Ryan Lee – create dependable monthly income through membership sites
  • Joel Comm – systems to achieve NY Times Best Sellers status
  • Michel Fortin – copywriting tips (to sell more books)
  • Colin Theriot – how to develop a cult following
  • Alex Mandossian – more exposure and a bigger audience
  • Daniel Hall – selling more Kindle books
  • Felicia Slattery – building your author platform
  • Shannon Cherry – becoming a recognized expert for your book
  • Sam Crowley – leveraging iTunes via podcasting
  • Jay Boyer – creating best-selling children’s books
  • Erik Stafford – branding yourself as a writer
  • Ron Douglas and Alice Seba – bringing it all together

Now, these might not be 100% useful to you at present, but listening following, and studying experts is guaranteed to help elevate your own aspirations and achieve your goals.

(Value $197)

  • 1-Click Book Creation app and Video Training – this is my own Word application to create books for self-publishing with CreateSpace and Kindle. I know of 1 book publisher who charges more for 1 Word template than I do for my software.
  • With 1CBC you get all 18 CreateSpace book/trim sizes in 1 application. Plus you get the video training also.
  • If you've ever dreamed of writing and publishing a book, now there are no excuses.
  • Lifetime updates to app and 12 months support.

(Value $97)

  • Working With Word Images Course –this is my 1-hour training course on how to use images in Word.

I cover images in the beginners course but go a little deeper here.

(Value $29.99)

  • Access to Word Words, my customers only Facebook group. I spend, on average, about 1 or 2 hours week in there answering questions, posting videos, etc. It's the place where if you have a problem you can get an answer (it's not a support desk, but rather a place to chat about what's going on). (Value $400/month)

So, on their own, that's a bonus value of well over $700...


With My Word Training Course, You’re Getting 7.5 hours’ Worth Of Expert Word Training

7.5 hours is an entire day’s worth of videos.

With recording, editing, uploading, etc., it took me close to 3 weeks to create this training.

Given I charge clients $1,000 a day, the value for this is close to $20,000 in terms of the time and effort.

But I’m not creating custom training for a major corporation. I’m creating affordable training just for you.

So it’s not going to be anywhere near that price.

But I do need a commitment from you.

A commitment of time and money.

Because if you don’t commit–if you don’t invest both–then this course will sit on your hard-drive and gather dust.

Worse is you’ll get nowhere. You’ll stagnate and it’ll be a complete waste of your money.

If that’s what you intend doing, then there’s no point in you buying my course. Don't. Save your money.

However, if you understand that this is an investment in your future, that you’ll do something with it, then go for it.

Because I want you to succeed...

And to prove this to you,

I Will Take All the Risk

As with all my courses, my Microsoft Word 2016 Beginners Video Training Course comes with a 30-day, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

So, if the product doesn’t live up to your expectations and you want your money back at any time during that period – for whatever reason – just email me requesting your money back and you’ll get it.

Pay with Bitcoin ($297):

Address: 15K6ybXRRVFJEobyh3XCzLjjh4bQpaVdij

Pay with Ethereum ($297):

Address: 0x9bd6277Fc95F5648eF59dC4D5437e2024315BFAD


There are a few requirements for this training course. You need:

  •  Microsoft Word 2016 installed and running on your pc – this course is not an installation guide
  • A web browser that can play online video files
  •  An Internet connection

Note: I have a Mac with 2016, but this was recorded entirely on the pc. If you know that Cmd is the same as Ctrl then this course will be great for you. There is some functionality on the pc that isn’t available on the Mac, but other than that (and all the menus being in different places), you’re good to go.


Does this work with other versions of Word?

Yes. Microsoft like to swap things around – they do. The only difference I can see between Word 2016 and Word 2010 and 2013 is they’ve split the Page Layout tab into 2 tabs: Design and Layout (this started with Word 2013). So, if I talk about the Design tab, just look at the Page Layout tab and you’ll find it.

Does this work with other versions of Word?

As far as I can see, yes. Microsoft like to swap things around – they do. The only difference I can see between Word 2016 and Word 2010 and 2013 is they’ve split the Page Layout tab into 2 tabs: ‘Design’ and ‘Layout’. If I talk about the Design tab, just look at the Page Layout tab and you’ll find it.

I see this Is exclusively recorded on a Windows pc, does this apply to the Mac too?

I have both a pc and a Mac. There's a lot of different functionality between Word 2016 on the Mac and the pc. The pc version does have a lot more functions and is more powerful than the Mac, so that's why I chose to do record it exclusively on the pc.

This will also be the case for later courses when I start delving into the Develop tab and functions. The Mac version just doesn't permit this.

The principles are the same, or course. But there are big differences.

I’m not new to Microsoft Word, so will this be to basic for me?

I doubt it. Some of my reviewers have been using Word for decades and they were still surprised at what they didn’t know.

Is the Microsoft Exam You Mention (77-725) Part of the Course Fee?

No, it’s not. You have to pay for that yourself. 

So, with that clear,

Why You Shouldn't Delay

This is a digital product with instant access after purchase, so it is unlimited stock, i.e. it won’t ever run out.

But I will either be adding more material as soon as I create it or when Microsoft add extra functionality. As you may know, with Windows 10, they do automatic updates now.

When I do, this course will grow in value and so will the price.

As such, if you leave now and come back tomorrow, then the price might not be the same as it is today.

Just so you’re aware.

I also reserve the right to change or withdraw bonuses at any time and without notice.

Again, it’s up to you if you want to get in today, because if you don’t, there’s no guarantee you won’t pay more tomorrow.

So, with all the risk on me, click on your choice below and let’s start making your success happen!

Remember, the training I teach is EXACTLY how I use Word on a day-to-day basis. I’ve been doing it this way and getting solid, consistent, professional results for over 20-years.

It works.

What I do in this training is exactly what I do for my clients.

And it’s how I’ve had over 100 satisfied clients and have earned close to $100k on Upwork alone.

Of course, you won't have the experience that I have with Word, but that doesn't matter. Because after getting this training, you also get access to me.

And I will always help where I can.

If something’s not clear, ask.

If something’s not working, then let me know and I’ll fix it.

I have many satisfied customers with my other products and I stand by everything I do.

I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

Best wishes,

p.s. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep the price this low. If you leave now and decide to return later, the price may have gone up. It might not have done, of course, but the chances are it will have.

Ultimately, you have to ask yourself where you want to be in a month's time. 3-months, 6-even. If it's in the same spot, that's up to you. But if you want to get on, inaction's guaranteed to fail. Only you can take action, so click on the link below and make it happen: