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My Video Training Courses

I've a number of courses to help people get better with Microsoft Word:

Sample video from my Beginner's Course - How to Format a Business Report (Intro)

(RTF is Rich Text Format, not as I say in the video.)

Published Books

I’m a self-published author/co-author of 9 books:

  • How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle: Easy Publishing with Word 2007, 2010, and 2013
  • Learning Thai Your Great Adventure
  • Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure
  • The Perfect Thai Phrasebook
  • How to Read Thai
  • How to Write Thai (coming soon)
  • A Beginner's Guide to Buddhism
  • A Beginner's Guide to Meditation
  • A Combined Beginner's Guide to Buddhism and Meditation

I've also published well over 200 print and Kindle books for clients.

My Amazon author page is here:


I've created a number of apps for Microsoft Word and for learning Thai.

The Thai apps, Learn Thai alphabet and Learn Thai Numbers were created by me using Articulate Storyline.

Learn Thai apps

Click on either image to open the trial version of each in a new tab. (It streams from Amazon S3, so there should only be a few seconds load delay.)

Microsoft Word apps

I've created a number of Word apps to help with various Word tasks:

  • 1-Click Book Creation - creating, formatting, and publishing print and Kindle books (link here)
  • 1-Click Thesis - creating, formatting, and publishing academic studies (link here)
  • 1-Click Email Marketing - to help create and format email sequences to boost marketing (no longer available).


LinkedIn Profile: my LinkedIn profile is here.

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