1-Click Coloring Books Addition to 1CBC

Despite a lot of ‘life’ going on in the background and a list of things to do twice as long as my arm, I’ve resolved to roll-out the 1-Click Coloring book (1-Click Colouring Book) addition to 1-Click Book Creation. If you’ve seen the posts a few months ago, I was going to create a new app […]

The Importance of Microsoft Word’s styles

I thought I’d already written a post on how Microsoft Word styles are used in every document imaginable, but apparently not. I created a YouTube video a while back for it, but I can’t locate the post it was intended for…maybe it was on the old Word Words site and didn’t migrate across. I thought I’d […]

Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing

Have you ever taken a Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing course? Perhaps you’re looking at other options? If you are, and it’s with self-publishing using Microsoft Word then there are a number of ways you can approach this. First, you can try and learn Microsoft Word yourself – admittedly, though, that’s probably the […]

1-Click Coloring Books is in Test Mode…

(1-Click Colouring Books, that is)

I received a email today from someone asking me if 1-Click Book Creation would be suitable for creating coloring books, journals, and that kind of thing. Absolutely, says I. It’s good for pretty much anything book-related and, can be adapted as you see fit. However, that email was also the catalyst for me to pull my […]

What is 1-Click Email Marketing?

After many months of hard work, hair-pulling (and I didn’t have that much to start with), 1-Click Email Marketing is now live. We’ve talked a little about this in previous posts (here and here), but you might be asking yourself, what is 1-Click Email Marketing? Before I move onto that, let me just add that […]

1-Click Email Marketing is imminent

Wow! Where has the time gone? Last time I looked it was 3 months to the 1-Click Email Marketing (1CEM) launch and now we’re almost into single figure days. But the good news is there’s been a huge amount happening in behind the scenes (I guess you’d expect that, especially on a multi-level launch) and […]

1-Click Email Marketing…

How effective is your email marketing? Have you heard about 1-Click Email Marketing? Probably not. So, let me explain… If you’re like many other folks, and just take a stab at it and hope something works, then you’re going to be increasingly disappointed. Sure in age-old (and honoured) tradition, if you throw enough mud, then […]

Microsoft Word Table of Contents Page Number Alignment

I created this video showing how to resolve the Microsoft Word Table of Contents Page Number Alignment in 2015, but though it was on YouTube (and had racked up 8,500 views as I write this in June 2016), I forgot to create a blog post about it. What jogged my memory was a client asked how to change […]

Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word Video Training

(with 1-Click Book Creation)

If you want to create and publish a book using Microsoft Word then I’ve got a real treat for you. In 2015, I created the ‘Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word Video Training video training course’ to do just that. However, I must point out that it does use the Microsoft Word application that […]