Working With Microsoft Word Cover Images

Why have I created my ‘Working with Microsoft Word cover images report? Well, Word can be a pain with a lot of things. As you may know, images can be a particular problem because though you’d expect them to be easy to deal with, they’re not. Cover images in particular. If you’ve tried it, you’ve […]

Microsoft Word Styles

I know from my years of using Word, and working with documents and templates, that when using Word many people immediately after starting the program, just see the blinking cursor (and I’m not substituting a swear word there) and begin typing – they have no idea about Microsoft Word Styles. As such, when they get […]

1-Click Book Creation Trim Sizes

If you’re new to self-publishing, then you might be curious as to what I mean by 1-Click Book Creation Trim Sizes. Well, a trim size is the size of the book after it’s been printed out, cut, and bound – it’s what you hold in your hand when you start reading a book. Before I move […]