Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word Video Training

(with 1-Click Book Creation)

If you want to create and publish a book using Microsoft Word then I’ve got a real treat for you. In 2015, I created the ‘Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word Video Training video training course’ to do just that. However, I must point out that it does use the Microsoft Word application that […]

Russ Crowley: How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle

How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle (Bangkok: Russ Crowley, 2014)

How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle: Easy Publishing with Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013 is the definitive guide to self-publishing your book on those platforms and with that software. Period.

How to publish your book on Createspace and Kindle 3d book shot

If you’ve come straight to this page, then let me tell you a little about myself (though there’s more here).

1-Click Book Creation – Hangout Re-recording, 25th February 2016

Due to a last minute change of schedule, I decided to host a live Google Hangout to show how I use my 1-Click Book Creation software to create, format, and publish a 23,500 word non-fiction book to Kindle. Unfortunately, as is often the way, technology let us down. The screen kept freezing and, as it was […]

Don’t Let CreateSpace Reject Your Manuscript

If you’ve ever tried to publish a book with CreateSpace, the chances are your manuscript was rejected by them at least once during the book submission process. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, as it happens to everyone. The problem is it does get frustrating (and annoying) when it keeps happening. Even more so […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Word Shapes in Kindle Books…

I either see this or get asked (occasionally) about using Word shapes for creating images and designs in Word. Yes, Word shapes are good for certain things…simple diagrams, hierarchy’s, that kind of thing; but, for anything more complex – and certainly where books and especially Kindle books are concerned – don’t use them. Remember, Amazon […]

Microsoft Word – Convert and Format with 1-Click Book Creation

Create, Format, and You’re Ready to Self-publish in Under 1 Minute… There will come a time when I’ll write a blog post and it won’t contain one single mention of Word styles. However, this isn’t one of them. I won’t harp on [again], about their importance (because, hopefully I’ve already made my point where they’re […]

CreateSpace Submission Issues – They Get It Wrong You Know?

Of course they get it wrong…they’re only human after all. The problem is though, the first time I encountered this message from CreateSpace, where they’re telling me that my pagination is wrong – even numbered pages appearing on the right-hand, recto page, instead of on the left-hand, verso page – you have to go back […]

1-Click Book Creation Live Google Hangout – Date TBC

LIVE GOOGLE HANGOUT COMING SOON ———————————————— In a couple of weeks (date TBC), I’ll be hosting a hangout where I will self-publish a non-fiction and a fiction book to CreateSpace and Kindle using 1-Click Book Creation – LIVE. If you’re interested, the hangout is free, and you’ll see not only how simple the entire process […]