An Adult Coloring Book Author’s Dream…

It’s taken a little longer than originally planned, but my adult coloring book software has been rolled out in full as part of 1-Click Book Creation today (26th). A couple of client hiccups caused unanticipated changes and freed up some time for me. Also prompted by a request for an additional trim size for the colouring […]

1-Click Coloring Books Addition to 1CBC

Despite a lot of ‘life’ going on in the background and a list of things to do twice as long as my arm, I’ve resolved to roll-out the 1-Click Coloring book (1-Click Colouring Book) addition to 1-Click Book Creation. If you’ve seen the posts a few months ago, I was going to create a new app […]

1-Click Coloring Books is in Test Mode…

(1-Click Colouring Books, that is)

I received a email today from someone asking me if 1-Click Book Creation would be suitable for creating coloring books, journals, and that kind of thing. Absolutely, says I. It’s good for pretty much anything book-related and, can be adapted as you see fit. However, that email was also the catalyst for me to pull my […]

What is 1-Click Email Marketing?

After many months of hard work, hair-pulling (and I didn’t have that much to start with), 1-Click Email Marketing is now live. We’ve talked a little about this in previous posts (here and here), but you might be asking yourself, what is 1-Click Email Marketing? Before I move onto that, let me just add that […]

The Learn Thai Alphabet application

The Learn Thai Alphabet web and iPad app

The Learn Thai Alphabet application’s history goes [way] back to 2012, when we wrote and published our second book, Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure on CreateSpace and Kindle. Initially, its title was Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure, but sales weren’t so great so we added a keyword string that […]

Learn Thai Alphabet Flashcards

Learn Thai alphabet flashcards

A great way to learn the Thai alphabet (or any alphabet for that matter), is to use flashcards. Of course, it all depends on your learning style as some prefer to read books, others prefer video, and even more like interactive applications where you can use multiple senses to help embed that knowledge while learning. […]

1-Click Thesis – Microsoft Word application

1-Click Thesis is another Word application which harnesses the power of Microsoft Word. This time, as the title suggests, it’s a Word app to help academics create, format, and publish their studies using Word. Whether it’s an essay, a thesis, or a dissertation, 1-Click Thesis covers it. Here’s a quick video which shows you exactly […]

The Learn Thai Numbers Application

Quest: QUick, Easy, Simple Thai

Following on from the Learn Thai Alphabet application, we then came up with the idea to create an app of a similar vein for learning Thai numbers. Admittedly, they’re not as important as learning the Thai alphabet, but if you come to Thailand and get off the beaten track, then it pays to know the […]

Fiction Font Packs

1-Click Book Creation

1-Click Book Creation Fiction Font Packs are coming very soon… You might be wondering what they are, so let me explain. 1-Click Book Creation comes with a default install of Georgia fonts. These are pretty good for most types of books, but have a particular slant towards non-fiction type books. The main reason for this […]