Russ over and above exceeded my expectations. His level of professionalism and communication was second to none. Not to forget he was super efficient on turn around as well. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

Michael Ciccone (an Idiot's Pride)

Russ worked hard to thoroughly understand my application, then wrote top quality tutorials, a user guide, and blog articles. He then went on to produce (and narrate) high quality getting started video screen-casts to help newbies. These efforts gave my application (and my company) a great credibility boost.

Ian Mayo (Debrief)

It was great to work with Russ and will definitely be working with him again. Very knowledgeable, and during the job he taught me a thing or 3 ! Exceptional eye to detail. Very skilled with Microsoft Word and Adobe which was used on the project. Exceptional literacy skills. Very Knowledgeable and experienced in regards to Quality Management and structure. Assisted in guiding the project to completion, and suggested pivotal improvements. 10 out of 10 – Very impressed.Brendon Davenport

Brendon Davenport (CASSA Australia)

Russ was a perfect resource for developing a fairly technical and complicated application training guide. The customer for whom we were doing the work changed emphasis mid-project, but the work Russ did is exemplary and we will be able to leverage both the content and the layout to great advantage going forward. Being in vastly different time zones was not a problem for us, and he always provided the expected work in a reasonable time. He asked questions when needed and provided frequent updates to make sure neither of us were going in the wrong direction. He is a very high-caliber resource whom we hope to work with again.

Dan Opyd (

Russ was marvelous to work with. Responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, with quick turn around times. We look forward to working with Russ again.

Cheryl Griffiths (

Russ did the work on this contract in a highly professional manner and was thorough and on time.  This was not a standard job and required a lot of self education to get an understanding of what was needed. Russ researched and learned all that he needed to know and provided relevant and concise documents.  I thank him for his help and highly recommend to any potential clients.   If you use Russ for a contract you will not be disappointed.

Nick Miller (Blue Water Shell)