1-Click Coloring Books Addition to 1CBC

Despite a lot of ‘life’ going on in the background and a list of things to do twice as long as my arm, I’ve resolved to roll-out the 1-Click Coloring book (1-Click Colouring Book) addition to 1-Click Book Creation. If you’ve seen the posts a few months ago, I was going to create a new app […]

The Importance of Microsoft Word’s styles

I thought I’d already written a post on how Microsoft Word styles are used in every document imaginable, but apparently not. I created a YouTube video a while back for it, but I can’t locate the post it was intended for…maybe it was on the old Word Words site and didn’t migrate across. I thought I’d […]

Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing

Have you ever taken a Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing course? Perhaps you’re looking at other options? If you are, and it’s with self-publishing using Microsoft Word then there are a number of ways you can approach this. First, you can try and learn Microsoft Word yourself – admittedly, though, that’s probably the […]

1-Click Coloring Books is in Test Mode…

(1-Click Colouring Books, that is)

I received a email today from someone asking me if 1-Click Book Creation would be suitable for creating coloring books, journals, and that kind of thing. Absolutely, says I. It’s good for pretty much anything book-related and, can be adapted as you see fit. However, that email was also the catalyst for me to pull my […]

What is 1-Click Email Marketing?

After many months of hard work, hair-pulling (and I didn’t have that much to start with), 1-Click Email Marketing is now live. We’ve talked a little about this in previous posts (here and here), but you might be asking yourself, what is 1-Click Email Marketing? Before I move onto that, let me just add that […]