Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace…

Without a shadow-of-a-doubt, Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace feature is one of the most powerful features within Microsoft Word; it is also among the long list of those unused to anywhere near their full potential. Now, it’s quite possible that you use it all the time, but how do you use it?

Section Breaks – A Practical Example

I did plan on creating a video following the post I wrote yesterday but, after going through the text, realised it would be increasingly beneficial if I provided a more practical example. In particular, identifying and illustrating the main functions and differences between the next page section breaks. Section Breaks in Word:

Section Breaks – Don’t Let Word’s Break You

I’ve deliberated over writing about section (and section breaks) for a while because I was wondering about the best way to approach this particular topic. You see, though essential, sections and section breaks in Word are a little [over-]complicated, as I mentioned before, the underlying structure and design of Word goes back a couple of […]